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Calling for Change: Reports from the National Convening on HIV and Employment #USCHA2021

"Growing out of rising awareness of social determinants of health and quality of life factors in HIV care and prevention contexts, the first National Convening on HIV and Employment brought together more than 70 community advocates, policy experts, service providers, and researchers sharing stakeholder expertise and responsibilities. Members of the Convening Leadership Planning Team will share reports on the calls for change that emerged from the sessions conducted across its two afternoons, including recommendations for government agencies, community-based organizations, employers, and policymakers.

These recommendations focus on a vision of not just what is, but what can be. We want to greatly reduce the lack of access to information, services, resources, and opportunities experienced across the most HIV-burdened regions and communities struggling with health, economic, and employment disparities. Input provided by workshop attendees will inform the development and implementation of recommendations for strengthening responses to employment needs in HIV care and prevention.

We're excited to assemble to present these recommendations and participate in a discussion of them and additional strategies to strengthen responses to the employment needs of people living with or at greater vulnerability to HIV in the U.S."

- Convening Co-Chairs Liza Conyers and Mark Misrok

Special Thanks to the Convening's Leadership Planning Team:

Tori Cooper

Coronado Cody Lopez

Ronald Johnson

Vanessa Johnson

Rev. Nicholas Love

Alphonso Mills

Dylan Orr

Luis Scaccabarrozi

Dafina Ward

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