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BALR.Life 2021 Update!

Over the past year BALR.Life has undergone a complete transformation to better reflect our evolution from a Leadership Development Pilot Project, to the fully realized organization we are today.


The first step in that process was updating our mission statement to communicate

this change publicly and ensure we continue to meet the needs of

Black Advocates Leading Revolutions.

After reflecting on our past successes and strengths, our mission moving forward is:

To provide a platform for Social Entrepreneurs and Activists to network,

share best practices, and amplify their initiatives.

We envision doing this by:

Creating opportunities for building an authentic community,

peer capacity-building activities, and community mobilization amplification.


The second step in that process was to adapt how we engage with the community by prioritizing virtually accessible content, activities, and events over in-person engagements. This fundamental shift in how we conceptualize and deliver services caused us to develop a New program that could be impactful both in-person with a peer health educator or online with smartphones and computers.

As an organization, we had to think of new and innovative ways to increases the accessibility of our services while being just as impactful to the lives of Black gay and bisexual men living with HIV. We Cant wait to share more with you as we plan to launch new programs in the coming months...


To stay up to date be sure to follow up on social media @wwwbalrlife


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